Protect your business from external threats. Finding the right security products is a basic requirement that’s easy to neglect.

Taking robust cyber security measures allows you to enhance your organisation’s reputation, protect your profitability and lay the ground for continued growth. Choosing the correct security measures protects more than data. It protects your entire operation, securing all connected devices.

With the threat of cybercrime higher than ever, network security, data security and cloud security are critical. This is especially relevant in organisations that store highly personal data and where guests or staff may use your network for highly confidential personal and business transactions.

Our team of experts will give you and your guests the reassurance of complete compliance, while protecting data, securing your business operation, and maintaining your guests’ trust.

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    Firewall Protection

    Protect your users, data and systems from external threat with correctly specified and deployed firewalls.

    Get comprehensive protection for both cloud and on-premises use, with firewalls built for your organisation’s needs and risk profile.

    We supply firewalls which are hardware, software and a combination of both – designed to prevent unauthorised access to or from private networks, securing your organisation from ransomware, targeted attacks and zero-day threats.

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    Network monitoring

    Stay in touch with online activity for a proactive approach to network security.

    We use specialised security and hardware suited to your set-up to collect and analyse data about network traffic and security.

    Our network monitoring service proactively assesses activity for signs of security breaches and restricts access to malicious websites in order to respond to threats. Network security monitoring can be extended to remote users for greater reassurance and protection.

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