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WIFI Services

Guarantee strong, secure & fast internet connection – anywhere and at any time.

Reliable, fast WIFI is a modern-day must-have. It’s an essential in a world where people expect to be able to work and play from anywhere in the world – and to do so with complete ease.

Our experts have the knowledge and tools to ensure optimal WIFI coverage across your site.
We design, deploy and manage WIFI infrastructure that’s reliable, fast and strong for complete staff and client satisfaction and a smooth operation.

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    Heat Maps

    For the best possible coverage, we use heat maps to identify optimum location and configuration for specific WIFI access points and to confirm how many are required and where they need to be located.

    This heat map analysis forms the basis of our network design and optimisation.

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    WIFI Network Design

    Using the heat map output, we plan and configure your wireless network to meet your specific needs, balancing network coverage with capacity.

    Security is fundamental to a strong WIFI network design – we ensure appropriate encryption at a minimum with relevant additional security needs as required.

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    WIFI Network Installation

    Professional and seamless WIFI network installation means minimum disruption to your business.

    We pre-configure the WIFI equipment before completing the physical installation of your wireless network components, such as access points and switches. Once complete, we run full diagnostic tests to ensure everything is working to the promised levels.

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