An established London IT consultancy providing IT services to the hospitality, leisure, retail, travel, financial and insurance sectors across Europe.

Our Company

Fairland Consulting was formed back in 2004 as a reseller of IT equipment for businesses in London.

We established ourselves in
the hospitality, retail, leisure, commercial & insurance sectors

and noticed that many of these companies were contending with poor value services from their IT suppliers. Server virtualisation was a new technology; we could see that our clients weren’t receiving the service they needed to successfully migrate from their old server and storage environments.

Our natural interest in the sector and strong knowledge meant that we knew we could do better.

So, we used our skills and know-how to expand in this market. Initially, we helped our existing clients migrate to virtual environments, mainly partnering with HPE and Microsoft. However, over time we expanded, taking on more clients.

  • With our reputation growing, some of our clients asked us to complement their internal IT Teams skills with high level consultancy around network design. We added a support desk by 2012 and broadened our partner portfolio to provide full value-added reseller services.

  • With a consistent and loyal team of consultants, IT network security & resilience has always been a priority for our consultants. We also insist on consistency in our personnel – who have built up a vast industry wide knowledge & experience. It’s this combination that allows us to build such strong relationships with our clients.

  • We now provide leisure and hospitality IT services across Europe. We also supply financial IT services, banking IT services and IT for the insurance sector.