Fairland Consultants have vast experience of implementing, upgrading, adjusting and securing corporate Microsoft and Citrix server based environments.

Whether you are considering a Vista rollout, upgrading Exchange, or need your Active Directory tailoring and securing we are here to assist you.

Fairland Consulting employs Microsoft Certified Professionals (MCPs); individuals who have passed certification exams designed to validate their mastery using Microsoft tools and technologies. A recent study of Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers (MCSEs) and their supervisors by Southern Illinois University, rated MCPs as highly effective workers on the job and IT supervisors rated MCSEs as more competent on all global dimensions as compared to non-certified systems engineers. Be sure to ask for a MCSE on your next project.

There are essentially two areas where our relationship with Microsoft brings direct benefit to our customers. These are in Software Licensing and within the deployment of Microsoft technologies. We are recognised as a trusted advisor to enterprises looking to acquire and deploy software.

Case Studies and Reference Clients are available.

When an IT infrastructure has grown organically over the years, it makes it difficult to keep abreast of what software is used and how, and whether the licences are in line with the latest contractual and legal stipulations.

Every unused licence represents wasted expense and every missing licence represents an unlawful infringement of copyright. Even the unintentional misuse of software can lead to claims for damages, and every effort should be undertaken to avoid it. With our Software Asset Management services, you can be certain that all the software you use is properly licensed and installed in the right place. We provide all the support you need to ensure your IT estate moves towards a position of being legally compliant, as cost-optimised as possible and continues to be the best licence procurement strategy that suits your plans for development.

Furthermore, we can examine and optimise your procurement processes to make sure they will continue to guarantee you full legal security in the future. We have unrivalled expertise and many years of international experience in this field. Building on our knowledge of software licensing and of many SAM implementations, we have developed sophisticated technology for auditing all software and hardware. We are completely independent of manufacturers, fully conversant with the software manufacturers' current licensing and contract terms, and use a contract-management system that is unique in Europe.

We not only enjoy excellent relations with the leading manufacturers, we also offer our customers in large corporations, small and medium-sized businesses and the public sector the best terms for licences.